A filter is important because without it your fish tank shall become diseased and will have waste floating around and create a toxic environment for your fish. With all the excess fish food and the general waste that occurs from having fish it is not removed from the substrate and the currents of the watter the toxins will build up eventually becoming fatal to ALL your fish. This is called  becomes fatal ammonia poisoning. This can be easily fixed by buying a filter, if you are unsure about filters or are unsure where to buy one please click here.

Heater / Chiller

A Heater / Chiller is a fundamental part of a fish tank because if you live in a part of the world were fish you are housing are not a native species to your area of the world (though even if you are you might want to have a heater or chiller because with the rapidly changing ecosystem it might be better to have one just in case.) Temperature change is one of the most common forms of death among aquarium fish due to faults in the electronics. If you are unsure what heater or chiller to chose or are unsure where to buy one please click here.


Lighting is a very important aspect into bringing up healthy nicely-coloured fish. Your lighting should be on 10-12 hours a day to bring up healthy fish (times may vary for different types of fish you should always check the requirements of the fish you’re purchasing all recognised sellers will be happy to provide this information if asked.) There are many different types of fish lights from underwater color changing leds to pure white hang over the top lights. I must point out that if you are planning to use sunlight as a light source please be aware it can potentially be dangerous for your fish. Also it will result in a massive influx in algae requiring your upkeep to rise.  If you are unsure what Lights to chose or are unsure where to buy one please click here.

Air Pump

The use is for air pumps are decorations you know the ones where a diver is next to a chest and the chest opens up and the bubbles got to the surface. And the bar so you get a bar of constant bubbles (these aren’t necessary but they will make your fish happier) If you are unsure what air pump to chose or are unsure where to buy one please click here.

Water Pump

Generally this is a required item in all fish tanks but more and more filters are offering in-built pumps into they’re filters so if your buying a new tank or filter it probably will have an air pump but check as they are a required item, without them your fish struggle to fully develop with no current to swim against and develop strong muscles also some filters require a pump to work and that IS important. If you are unsure what water pump to chose or are unsure where to buy one please click here.


This might surprise you, you might think that decorations are just a vanity item WRONG they are an incredibly important part of a fish tank. Your fish left in a barren tank will have there colours decrease they won’t be as active, they develop even more toxins and they will not grow properly and the shock of leaving a barren tank into a well decorated tank can shock them and even kill them. However the most important reason to keep them in a well decorated tank they develop diseases caused by their environment and they’re immune system will be lowered. If you want to see up top decoration click here